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Fusion Lite Digital Dictation Management System - Full Management Solution Package

 Fusion Lite Systems



Are you looking for a stream-lined solution that stays up to date with current technology and can expand to fit your needs? Fusion Lite is a locally hosted software-based dictation system that allows users to dictate in several different ways

• Digital Portables
• Desktop Dictation
• Telephone

Dictation will then be queued in the system for any local or remote transcriptionist.


Fusion Lite gives you the ability to manage your users and dictation from one central location. It offers management reporting and allows you to customize the flow of incoming work to enhance efficiency and output. Fusion Lite also enables you to increase productivity and take on more business by automating the workflow and eliminating "busy work”.


Fusion Lite incorporates the latest in technology to provide you with a solution that will last long into the future. Fusion Lite uses an SQL database, is Windows compatible, and has low PC resource requirements, which means it is adaptable to all common network environments. If you wish, harness the Internet to connect your workings with simple point and click setup. Our built-in HIPAA supportive security features keep your data safe.


Fusion Lite is licensed by using CAL's, or Concurrent Access Licensing, is modular in design. This means upgrading Fusion Lite with new options or adding additional software licenses is simple. With the unique concurrent licensing of Fusion Lite, install the dictation and transcription applications wherever you need them. License usage is based on the number of simultaneous users. Now you can deploy your new solution to extend its availability to everyone in your organization.