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Dragon Naturally Speaking - Features

Dragon Naturally Speaking
Day to Day Uses

There are a few ways you can use Dragon NaturallySpeaking in day to day operations, the basic text to speech feature or the DVR to text feature.

Speech to Text:
Using the headset that is included with Dragon or a high quality speech recognition microphone you can speak directly to your computer, and in any text field Dragon will turn your Speech into text.

DVR to Text:
Using a professional grade Digital Voice Recorder you can dictate your report on the go, and let Dragon automatically transcribe your recording when you get back to your computer.

Macros and Short Cuts

Do you repeatedly type the same information or use the same form or format for most of your reports or emails? Dragon has a extensive Macro/Command editor which allows the user to say a simple 2-3 word phrase to automatically perform your tedious and repetitive tasks such as: headings, forms, addresses, reports, saving documents.


Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12 is the most accurate version yet, up to 99% accurate out of the box. Dragon also learns as you use it, so the more you speak the better it learns your voice. Even the heaviest accents are learned by Dragon. The tools and accuracy center available within Dragon are easy to use and guarantee a great user experience.

Transcription Cost

Whether you are trying to eliminate transcription or just trying to speed it up, Dragon is your solution. Replacing the current transcription solution with Dragon is becoming a common practice with doctors and lawyers everyday. Dictating to a recorder for it to be later transcribed by a transcriptionist proves to be a slow and costly task, but if the dictator dictates directly to Dragon he eliminates the transcriptionist and saves time and money. Too much dictation to simply eliminate the transcriber? Make them the editor! Simply send your dictated document to transcription for editing, this speeds up the transcriptionists turn around time for time sensitive material.

Everything you need to know and more is at your finger tips. We offer training material, videos and support for our Dragon products. Contact us today.

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