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Dragon Naturally Speaking - Accessories

Dragon Naturally Speaking

There are many different accessories to make Dragon a easier tool to use, and each type of accessory has its benefits. Here are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for Dragon related accessories.

Wireless Headsets:
We offer a few types of blue-tooth headsets, ranging from over the head to ear pieces. The most important thing to look out for is the quality! Speech recognition relies on a excellent quality microphone. So be sure to buy a headset particularly made for speech recognition. Also keep in mind wireless range, while its nice to be free from wearing wires, the accuracy can diminish with poor signal.

Hand Held Microphones:
The 2 most popular microphones for Dragon are the Philips SpeechMike and the Dictaphone PowerMic. These microphones are designed for user comfort and include customizable buttons for short cuts and faster dictating. These also provide superior accuracy results when upgrading from a standard microphone.

Digital Voice Recorders:
There are many digital recorders on the market, but only a few meet the exceptional qualities to be used with speech recognition. Try the Olympus or Philips Professional line of recorders when using the auto transcribe function in Dragon. These recorders are made to record at high quality levels to avoid any mistakes with transcription.

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