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Sayit - A Medical Cloud Based Speech Recognition Solution


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Are you a physician or other healthcare professional in need of an advanced dictation solution that will meet your current and future needs? SayIt is a medical speech recognition solution that’s cloud-based and that combines the latest technology with ease of use and affordability. You’ll be able to complete reports faster and bill for services sooner, which will have a positive impact on your practice’s bottom line.

EMR-Compatible Medical Front-End Speech Recognition

Have you made or are in the process of making the transition to Electronic Medical Records in your practice? SayIt is designed to work with all EMR systems and make them easier to use — you can to dictate right into any text-based application or EMR. You’ll also have access to templates and macros that enable you to populate your EMR just by speaking shortcut commands into your speech recognition quality microphone.

Experience Moving Your Dictation Services to the Cloud

Cloud-based SayIt does not require the purchase and installation of software or additional hardware/equipment. Using SayIt is easy. To start, visit a weblink, then download a file and log in — and you’re ready to dictate.
You’ll also have the freedom to complete your dictation from any web-enabled computer — whether you’re in the office, at home or on the go. No worries about having to move your speech profile between computers!

Eliminates Technical Hassles

SayIt is a “technically friendly” speech recognition solution. You won’t have to invest in additional IT staff or resources to perform installation and system management tasks. We’ll handle all the technical aspects for you, so you can spend more time focusing on treating your patients.

HIPAA-Compliant Speech Recognition Software

Maintaining HIPAA compliance is a concern in every healthcare environment these days. SayIt includes built-in security features that will help you minimize worries over protecting your patients’ privacy. You’ll be able to manage the entire dictation process with total peace of mind.