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Dragon for Mac Medical v5
Dragon for Mac Medical

Price: $999.99


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Dragon Medical for Mac v.5.0 lets clinicians dictate faster and more accurately than ever before. With up to 99% accuracy right out of the box, and more than 90 medical vocabularies to choose from, Dragon Medical for Mac’s increased speed and accuracy lets clinicians spend more time with patients, improving both quality of care and patient satisfaction. Dragon Dictate Medical for Mac adapts to the user’s voice and words used to deliver better recognition results over time, and can be personalized with custom vocabulary words and commands so that dictated text looks that way it should, every time. Add a more powerful correction interface and easy proofing tools such as Dragon Medical for Mac’s Text-to-Speech feature, and medical documentation is more easily completed.

Physicians who use Dragon Medical for Mac v.5.0 report that it significantly improves their enjoyment of practicing medicine. Using Dragon Medical for Mac v.5.0 results in higher levels of reimbursement than notes built by point-and-click EHR templates alone. More complete, accurate documentation improves coding effectiveness and provides richer detail per patient, giving clinicians greater confidence to code at higher levels than with an EHR system alone. And practice volume increases with faster, more accurate responses, which reduces time spent on documentation, allowing clinicians to see more patients and increase practice revenue and profitability. Finally, Dragon Medical for Mac v5.0 helps clinicians use their time more effectively and get home in time for dinner, thus improving physician quality of life.


This medical dictation software for Mac has an enhanced speech engine with sophisticated acoustic and language models. This ensures Dragon Medical for Mac v.5.0 quickly and accurately captures specific medical terminology.

Vocabularies covering more than 90 medical specialties and subspecialties, to ensure proper clinical documentation.

This Dragon software for Mac adapts to the user’s voice and words used to deliver better recognition results over time.

The US English version of Dragon Medical for Mac supports various disciplines and specialties.


With your voice, create and edit appointments and medical record notes directly into EHR and other applications, improving productivity and quality. Dragon Medical for Mac works with virtually any EHR.

Accurately dictate and edit documents, or control your Mac all by voice within popular web, email and desktop applications such as Microsoft Office or Gmail.

Easily create custom word lists and macros for frequently used text, giving you the flexibility to customize Dragon Medical for Mac for the way you work.

Although Dragon Medical for Mac works with virtually any EHR, it fully supports MacPractice for direct text control and dictation for a complete user experience on the Mac.


Capture thoughts from anywhere, at any time, while they are still fresh to produce detailed, high-quality medical notes.

Easily transform your dictation into text, by using a Nuance-approved digital voice recorder or the free Dragon Recorder app to capture high-quality audio files using an Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod touch (4th gen and up).

Accurately transcribe a pre-recorded audio file or podcast of a single speaker’s voice with the same accuracy for medical terminology as transcribing your own voice recording.

Easily proofread medical documents with the Text-to-Speech feature which enables Dragon Medical for Mac to read back your text.


Dragon Medical for Mac Wireless supports HIPPA patient confidentiality guidelines, a critical requirement for any practice concerned with patient confidentiality.

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