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Olympus Pathology Digital Dictation Station Hands Free SpeechDirect by Say It - Cloud Based Speech Recognition Solution Replacement Ear Cushions for Olympus E62 and E61 Headsets
SpeechDirect by Say It - Cloud Based Speech Recognition Solution

Monthly Subscription: $68.00/1 month(s)

Setup/Training: $199.99
Philips Replacement Ear Cushions Spectra Headset Ear Cushions (Set of 10 Pr.) 3.5mm Splitter
3.5mm Splitter
Price: $9.99
3.5mm extension cable 12 ft Headset Adapter - 3.5mm to Dictaphone Plug Ear Cushion for Dynamic/Tubular Headsets
DTP-878844 Dictaphone Headset Dime Size Ear Foam Mono Headset Extender Stereo Headset Extender
Ultima Headset Ear Cushions (Set of 10 pr.) White Plastic Ear Tips for the SH-50 Headset Spectra Headset
Philips USB Download Cable for LFH9500 LFH9600 Philips USB Download Cable for DPM 8000, 8500, 7000, 6000 USB Cable for Philips Speechmike 3 Microphones
AL-60 Aluminum Hinged Stetho Headset Under Chin U-Bow Headset FTR Headset
Wishbone or Y-Shaped headset Not actual picture Spectra SP-VC5 Deluxe Twin Speaker Headset with Controls
Ultima Twin Speaker Headset Overhead Multimedia Headset With Microphone - Stereo Spectra USB Headset
Spectra USB Earbuds SPEB FLX-10 Digital Transcription Headset Spectra PC 3.5 mm Headset w/Ear Cushions Bundle
Tie Clip Microphone - 3.5 New Rechargeable Battery for Olympus DS7000 & DS3500 LI42B Olympus E62 Deluxe Heaset for the AS-5000 PC Transcription Kit
Philips Rechargable li-ion battery ACC8100 Philips Dual Speaker Black Headset CM-1000 Conference Recording Microphone 3.5 mm plug
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