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Test Product volusion test product Headset Adapter - 3.5mm to Dictaphone Plug
Test Product
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Under Chin U-Bow Headset Wishbone or Y-Shaped headset Overhead Multimedia Headset With Microphone - Stereo
Spectra Headset Philips USB Download Cable for DPM 8000, 8500, 7000, 6000 AL-60 Aluminum Hinged Stetho Headset
USB Cable for Philips Speechmike 3 Microphones FTR Headset Spectra SP-VC5 Deluxe Twin Speaker Headset with Controls
Ultima Twin Speaker Headset Spectra USB Headset Olympus Headset for the AS-3000 PC Transcription Kit
Spectra USB Earbuds SPEB LRX 35 Telephone Record Coupler FLX-10 Digital Transcription Headset
Spectra PC 3.5 mm Headset w/Ear Cushions Bundle Multimedia Headset With Microphone - USB Olympus E62 Deluxe Heaset for the AS-5000 PC Transcription Kit
ANDREA NC-181VM USB Speech Recognition Dictation Headset Philips Dual Speaker Black Headset CM-1000 Conference Recording Microphone 3.5 mm plug
Dragon Legal Anywhere FTR USB Foot Control Olympus CR21 USB Docking Station
Dragon Legal Anywhere Cloud Speech Recognition Software
Annual Subscription, Per Person, Per Month: $50.00
FTR USB Foot Control
Price: $62.99

CM-1000 USB Conference Microphone - Daisy chain LRX 40 USB Telephone Recording Adapter **NEW** Spectra Wireless Bluetooth Transcription Headset
Philips ACC2310 Digital USB Foot Pedal Philips AirBridge Philips ACC2320 Digital USB Foot Pedal
LFH4412 Philips SpeechExec Pro Dictate v11 Philips 8120 USB Docking Station Gooseneck Microphone 2.0 - USB
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