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Olympus Hands-Free Pathology

Pathology for Olympus
The Olympus hands-free dictation solution is a simple plug-and-play system which allows you to dictate without the need of a computer. This gives you the freedom you need to dictate when and where you need it. With the inclusion of a tie-tack style microphone, you can actually hang or clip the mic on the equipment you use most (ex: microscope). The foot Pedal allows you control over recording, rewinding, and starting a new job. The kit includes:

• DS7000 Mobile Dictation Recorder with accessories & software
• Your choice of goose-neck or tie-tack microphone
• Your choice of water proof or non-water proof pedal

Dictation delivery is as simple as connecting the recorder to the transcriptionist PC for instant offload of dictation files using Olympus AS7000 Transcription Kit found here.

Olympus Pathology
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Olympus Hands-free Pathology Digital Dictation Kit

Kit Includes: DS9000
Add on Features: Dictation Pedal, Dock, Microphone, Rechargeable
Pro Software