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Olympus DS-2500 Digital Handheld Recorder
Olympus DS-2500 Digital Handheld Recorder

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Olympus DS2500 Digital Dictation Recorder

The Power of Speech: Easy, Mobile, and Secure

Designed to enhance productivity
and deliver superior audio quality.

The DS2500 digital dictation recorder is designed for the occasional dictation user. Offers recording control and editing through its push buttons ergonomically located for your thumb. The DS2500 includes the Olympus standard dictate software for downloading and transfering dictation files through a shared network.

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Olympus DS2500 Digital Recorder Features

6mm microphone

The Olympus DS-2500 digital voice recorder’s 6mm microphone offers professional-quality recording capabilities.

Push button style controls

Control all recording and editing functions with ergonomically placed push buttons.

SD memory slot

SD memory slot to expand your capacity and available for easy card switching.

Large display

View dictation and recording details with ease on the large LCD display

3.5mm ports

Microphone and Speaker jacks for using external devices with the DS2500

OPTIONAL Docking station

Transfer your audio files automatically and get a quick battery charge simultaneously. An optional foot pedal offers hands-free recording and transcription while docked even without a computer.

Olympus ODMS Dictation and Transcription Workflow Software and The DS2500

Organize your dictations within your workflow by monitoring and sharing the status of audio files between authors and transcriptionists. Going from voice to text documents has never been easier. Quick voice file download from the recorder via the docking station and intuitive workflow settings allow you to route your audio files exactly where they need to go without losing momentum.

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Administration Simplified

Centrally manage, configure and update your ODMS software for individuals, groups, teams or the entire organization with the ODMS Enterprise Suite to save additional time and resources.

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