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Philips SpeechExec for Enterprise is the next step to managing your existing Philips products or starting a whole new dictation/transcription environment. Philips SpeechExec for Enterprise (PSEE) allows you to link multiple dictators and transcribers into a manageable workflow that can be adjusted and added to with ease. With world class support you can be confident in its ability to work in several server platforms including citrix. Some of the highlights of the system include:

• Instantly connects authors and typists
• Integration with existing professional Philips products
• Easy to manage user groups and workflows
• Security features and backup options for protecting data
• Can work with Dragon Naturally Speaking products
• Active Directory support for enhanced management
• Optional modules available for expanded functionality

With its many management features, PSEE is the ideal choice for the IT professional wanting to establish and manage dictation/transcription enviroment.