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Digital Transcription Equipment

When used with digital dictation equipment, digital transcription equipment makes life so much easier for document transcriptionists. The transcriptionist no longer has to deal with inferior audio quality that can become a major issue when listening to old-fashioned cassette tape recordings made with outdated analog dictation equipment. Here at, we’re pleased to offer a wide selection of innovative digital transcription equipment for transcriptionists from industry stalwarts such as Philips and Olympus.

Our lineup of equipment for digital transcription includes:

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Philips 7277 SpeechExec Pro Transcription Set with 2 year license Olympus AS9000 Professional Transcription Kit
Price: $349.99

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Philips 7277 SpeechExec Pro Transcription Set Olympus AS9000 Pro Transcription Kit
Foot Pedal, Headset, Pro Software v11 (2 year subscription), Email, FTP, Decryption, Dragon Integration

Olympus professional digital transcription kit which includes:
ODMS transcription software, USB foot pedal, headset.
Philips Standard LFH7177 SpeechExec Transcription Set Olympus AS-2400 PC Transcription Kit
Price: $257.30
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MSRP: $299.99
Price: $199.99

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Philips 7177 SpeechExec Transcription Set Olympus AS-2400 PC Transcription Kit

Foot pedal, Headset, Standard Software

Foot Pedal, Headset, Standard Software


Philips 7277 SpeechExec Pro Transcription Set

The Philips 7277 is a robust, user-friendly digital transcription equipment solution that enables you to transform your computer into a high-performing transcription tool. Visual workflow management allows you to organize and prioritize your workload as you see fit. You’ll also appreciate the ergonomic earphones that reduce physical stress during extended transcribing sessions.

Olympus AS7000 Professional Digital Transcription Kit

The Olympus AS7000 works in tandem with Olympus digital dictation devices for transcriptionists to provide a comprehensive business documentation solution. Specially designed FTP and email functions provide automated routing of dictation files to predesignated addresses or locations. The ergonomic four-button foot switch allows you to control the playback process with ease. The Olympus AS7000 is compatible with multiple audio formats.

Philips LFH7177 SpeechExec Transcription Set

The LFH7177 from Philips makes the transcription process easier and more intuitive. The advanced PC digital transcription software simplifies dictation and transcription handling, while the stereo headphones and ergonomic foot controls enhance transcriber comfort. The LFH7177 can receive dictation via local area network.

Olympus AS-2400 PC Transcription Kit

This highly efficient digital transcription kit includes a footswitch, headset and powerful digital transcription software. You’ll be able to download files automatically while the recorder is connected to your PC. The hands-free operation allows you to control file playback, while the advanced edit function lets you edit files, add comments or change the priority setting as needed.

Trust for All Your Digital Transcription Equipment Needs

When you choose as your source for digital dictation equipment and transcription products, you’re selecting an equipment solutions provider with more than 45 years of experience. You’ll find the right product to help you improve productivity, enhance documentation quality and increase profitability. We also include free shipping on eligible orders greater than $50 to help minimize your transcription/dictation equipment costs.

Check out our current inventory of cutting-edge equipment for digital transcription and place your order today!