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Philips SpeechExec Enterprise

with Dragon Professional Anywhere

The Complete Solution for Professionals

The Philips SpeechExec Enterprise system is an on premise speech to text platform designed for medium to large sized business. Philips Enterprise offers multiple ways to dictate in the office or on the go. With integration to Nuance's Dragon Professional Anywhere the dictation is automatically transcribed and ready to be edited into a final document. The Philips Enterprise system allows for the author or typist to complete the process in a timely manner, in a workflow that matches their style.

  • Mobile Smartphone Dictation
  • Desktop and Web Based Client Software
  • Speech Recognition - Front End & Backend
  • Portable and Desktop Dictation Devices
  • Local or Remote Working Capabilities for Authors and Typists
  • IT Administration Tools and Statics Reporting

Centralized for Security and Cost Savings

The Philips Enterprise system and Dragon Professional Anywhere software is hosted on your own servers and network, so it is as secure as you want it to be. All data is hosted and transported to your network, no one can see or access your data.
Centralized administration of all aspects of the system allows for easy configuration and control from a remote location.

  • License manager with concurrent license model
  • Configuration manager of groups and users settings
  • Active Directory link for profiles and settings
  • Statistic module for productivity reporting
  • Remote Device Manager for FW and settings changes
  • Workflow module for managing dictation files

Available Modules

The dictation module organizes and stores dictation files. You can record directly into the application with a microphone or automatically download recordings from a voice recorder. Then, the files are automatically distributed to transcriptionists. Real-time job status information allows easy tracking of your work and the priority setting assures that urgent recordings get preferential treatment in the queue.  With the Speech Recognition package and a microphone, you can perform speech recognition and watch the transcript appear in real time on the screen. Authors can avoid the tiresome task of reviewing by automatically sending the recognized text and the audio file to their assistant for deferred correction and proofreading.


SEE Licenses are concurrent, meaning you can purchase less licenses than there are potential users. Everyone can have access to the software, but you only need as many licenses as you have users accessing at the same time. For example if you have 50 users but only 20 will ever use the software at any given time, you can purchase 20 licenses to share among all 50 users. The license manager has email alert options to notify you if you are running out of licenses, this way you can purchase more if required.
*DPA license option is not concurrent, requires license for each dictation user with speech recognition.

License options

This license includes the core enterprise software (Dictate, Transcribe, License Manager, Enterprise Manager, and Web Access) and allows access to any of these apps. Purchase as many as you need to allow concurrent access to your users. Typically we suggest purchasing 50% of the amount of total users, you can add more licenses later if needed.


Flexible speech-to-text solution tailored to your needs

SpeechExec Enterprise supports a wide range of speech-to-text scenarios. The platform supports traditional dictation workflows between authors and in-house transcriptionists. Recordings and the resulting written documents are automatically routed to the appropriate person for quicker turnaround times. Real-time job status information allows easy tracking of your work and the priority setting assures those urgent recordings get preferential treatment in the queue. Alternatively, users get direct access to Philips SpeechLive transcription service allowing you to outsource urgent transcripts when your staff already has a full workload.

Convenient direct dictation with Philips dictation microphones

With the integrated recorder, authors can record directly into the application with a microphone. All recording and playback functions can be controlled with Philips SpeechMike dictation microphones and Philips SpeechOne dictation headsets, which guarantees efficient recording and accurate speech recognition.

Smartphone app to maximize on-the-go productivity

The Philips Voice Recorder App supports you to be productive anytime, anywhere. The app makes it easy to record directly into your iOS or Andriod mobile device and send the recordings immediately for transcription — whether visiting clients, a job site or your local coffee shop. With SpeechExec Enterprise Web Access you can enjoy a location independent working from any computer with a web browser, e.g. when working from home or during a business trip. Web access allows you to be autonomous from your office equipment and local software installations.

Transcription player with foot pedal support for efficient document creation

The transcription module allows efficient access to digital voice files. Visual workflow management, including sort, search, and filter options and job information such as author, length and priority, assure productive transcription and fast document turnaround. With the ergonomic Philips Foot Control, all transcription and playback functions can be controlled with the foot freeing up the transcriptionists’ hands so they can concentrate solely on typing. Predefined templates can be used, so documents are automatically created with the appropriate header and footer, saving you even more time.

Speech recognition option to reduce transcription time and costs

Speech recognition software can be seamlessly integrated into the solution. Whether you are dictating directly into the software using a Philips microphone or converting recorded files from a voice recorder, speech recognition will help you to reduce transcription time and costs. Built-in specialized legal, medical and professional vocabulary delivers optimal recognition accuracy. Authors can avoid the tiresome task of reviewing by automatically sending the recognized text and the audio file to their assistant for deferred correction and proofreading. Users can even extend the speech recognition functionality to anywhere they would typically type: office productivity applications, web browsers, and other standard Windows applications.

Encryption, backup functions and password protection for highest security

Real-time file encryption (256 bit), password protection and secure file transfer grant only authorized individuals access to documents. The optional automatic backup function protects data against accidental loss.

Powerful centralized user administration for efficient use of concurrent licenses and significant cost savings

Increase your organization’s productivity by managing users, licenses, and system settings remotely. The concurrent licensing model offers flexibility and significant cost savings by guaranteeing that you only pay for the licenses that you actually need. The central administration function facilitates the configuration of worklist columns, filters, and job information. Active Directory support also allows for easier settings management.

Remote hardware administration for convenient device configuration and firmware updates

Remote hardware administration allows you to centrally configure the buttons of Philips dictation microphones and update the firmware.

Remote environment support for on-demand application delivery

Support for Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (RDS), Citrix and VMware Horizion environments allow on-demand application delivery. SpeechExec can be virtualized, centralized, and managed in the data center and instantly delivered as a service to users anywhere. In addition, SpeechExec is compatible with the HL7 interface. SpeechExec Enterprise can work as a communication interface between the dictation workflow and the hospital information system (HIS).

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