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Digital dictation devices are revolutionizing the way physicians, attorneys and other busy professionals dictate and record essential information. Digital dictation facilitates the fast, accurate completion of emails, documents and letters, which increases productivity by freeing up time to devote to critical activities. Choosing a high-quality dictation microphone that is compatible with your dictation device is vital for ensuring superior sound quality and maximum transcription accuracy. is your headquarters for a wide selection of digital dictation mic products at competitive prices.

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Digital Dictation Microphones From Leading Manufacturers

We feature an assortment of top-quality dictation microphones for Philips and Olympus devices, as well as a number of products from other top manufacturers. Digital dictation mics are available in multiple styles, including:

  • Tie Clip: Lightweight tie clip mics attach easily to a tie, collar, shirt or jacket for hands-free operation. Our selection of tie clip microphones includes the Olympus ME-15, which is the perfect accessory for Olympus digital microphones. Another option is the 3.5 mic featuring a 3.5 mm plug on a 4 ft. cord.
  • Speechmikes/Handhelds: Our selection of handheld microphones includes the Philips LFH line. The Philips LFH3500 Speechmike Premium Push Button model is a free-floating microphone that is decoupled from its housing to ensure the clearest recording performance. The Nuance Powermic II speech recognition microphone is a high-sensitivity USB microphone equipped with customizable and programmable buttons, one-handed push button operation that works directly with Dragon Medical and PowerScribe Systems.
  • Gooseneck: Gooseneck mics are the perfect choice for installed sound reinforcement applications, and they offer superior placement flexibility. Choose either the Gooseneck Microphone 2.0-USB, a noise-canceling mic with easy plug-and-play capability, or the Gooseneck Microphone-Stereo version that provides the ultimate quality for sound card recording applications.
  • Conference Mics: Our assortment of conference mics for sale provides the superior recording solution for conference and meeting rooms. The CM-1000 Conference Recording Microphone is a slim, compact recording device compatible with PC or portable recorders and features easy setup and connectivity. The CM-1000 USB Conference Microphone is equipped with a daisy chain to enable connectivity to multiple recording devices. Also check out the LFH9172 from Philips or the ME33 form Olympus.
  • Headset: If you prefer a microphone-headset combination, you will find a number of speech recognition and Bluetooth options. The AddaSound Crystal SR2821 USB Speech Recognition Dictation Headset features professional noise canceling technology for accurate speech recognition. The VXI VoxStar UC Bluetooth Headset System is designed to eliminate up to 93 percent of background noise and includes the capability to simultaneously connect two Bluetooth-enabled devices.

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When you purchase digital dictation microphones from, you get the benefit of our price match guarantee. We promise to match any price offered by a qualified competitor. Free shipping is also included with all eligible orders greater than $50. You can count on getting the best value for your money at!

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Learn more about all of our digital dictation mics for sale by reviewing the individual product descriptions found on this page. Feel free to contact us for additional product and pricing information.