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If you operate a document transcription service, then you understand the importance of having access to superior transcription service equipment. The right transcription equipment and software makes the process so much easier and less time-consuming, while also ensuring your transcriptionists can produce top-quality documents for your clients. At, our goal is to offer the latest, most advanced digital and analog transcriber machines and accessories from respected manufacturers such as Philips and Olympus.

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Digital Transcription Equipment and Software

Professionals in industries such as healthcare, legal, finance, law enforcement and media are discovering the many benefits of digital dictation such as greater stability and integrity of the audio files, the ability to insert and overwrite dictation, and increased dictation speed and accuracy. That’s why so many busy professionals are upgrading to digital dictation/voice recognition technology. Consequently, transcriptionists must now have compatible digital transcription equipment. features technologically advanced digital transcription kits that include digital transcription software, footswitch and headphones that combine speed, accuracy and comfort. These all-in-one transcription sets are compatible with most popular digital audio file formats such as MP3, DSS Pro, WMA and many others. They also include advanced organizational tools that can streamline transcriptionists’ workloads and increase productivity.

Tape Transcribers

If your clients still send you dictation recorded on cassette tapes, carries the audio transcription equipment that can handle the job including:

  • Philips 720T Mini Cassette Transcriber: The 720T is a specialist analog transcription machine featuring a simple, user-friendly design that can accommodate heavy workloads. A large-digit LCD shows all relevant audio information stored on the cassette tape at a glance. The turbo wind feature enables quick access to any portion of the tape, while the auto rewind control quickly returns the tape the beginning with just a press of a button.
  • Philips 730T Mini Cassette Transcriber: The 730T is a more advanced mini cassette tape transcriber designed for systematic dictation applications. The 730T includes more sophisticated functionality such as search forward and skip features that enable you to quickly move to the beginning of the next transcription job. It also includes useful transcription recording equipment; the built-in microphone allows you to record important telephone conversations.

Transcription Equipment Accessories

We also offer transcription equipment accessories that are compatible with specific transcription products. The Philips LFH2305 Hand Control for Transcription works with the Philips Speech Exec Software to enable transcribers to stand while working or don’t have full use of their feet to operate the foot pedal. The Philips MiniCassette LFH0005 is a 30-minute cassette tape specifically designed for capturing and recording dictation.

Why Should You Purchase Your Transcription Service Equipment from offers more than 45 years of relevant dictation and transcription equipment experience. We provide reliable assistance from a full technical staff trained and certified on the various products we sell. What’s more, we include free shipping with all eligible orders greater than $50, helping you keep your dictation and transcription costs low.

Please take a look our current selection of innovative transcription equipment and software products right now!